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1. Do we have the quality assurance of our solar racking system?

Each bracket is promised 15 years quality. After each product is shipped, we will provide customers with a 15-year warranty.


2. Our solar racking system quotation process and time.

A. Investigation of the customer’s project information.

B. Technical department develops product plan drawings according to project information.

C. Make a quotation based on the required materials.

D. Department manager examines the quotation and production time.

E. The salesman sends the quotation, product packaging and produce information to the customer.

Time: 2 days to complete, special program (customized program) completed in 4 days.


3. Advantage:

①.Geographic positio: close to Shanghai Port, a large number shipping,

high delivery effiency,convenience for customer to visit company,

②.Factory: save the agent link, quality can be promised

③.Raw material: purchase raw material in local

④.Labor: rich labor resource and low labor cost.

⑤.Pre-assembly: part of components pre-assembled at factory, save the installation time and budget at site.

⑥.Technology: Our company has professional R&D team. Each product is designed to be optimized and use the least material under load intensity. We can also customize pruduct design and production according to customer requirements.


4. How to deal with problems at installation site?

①.Product components missing.

Solution: To this problem, salesman needs to know the packaging of product components in detail and take some photos. Send to customer package list, photos and container number first time. We can also send to customer the characteristics of out package and location of the label in order that helping the customer to find the goods. If some small components are missing which our company has stock, we can help him to replenish at any time.

②.Product packaging destroyed during transportation.

Solution: Firstly, ask the customer the prodect have been damaged or not. We can send some packing boxes to customers quickly to help him solve problem if the product need to transport twice.

After that, we can disscuss the reason of packing breakage with customer. The salesman needs to provide some detailed photos of packing, including the location of the goods and the way they are fixed,so that we can discuss at a later stage.