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Disadvantages of installing solar panels on roofs
Dec 08, 2017

The roof is not always the absolute best position for photovoltaic arrays, and the following disadvantages are placed on the roof of the building with photovoltaic arrays.

1. Towards the domination of a building by a square

2. Due to proximity to the roof, the PV module is running at a higher temperature (and thus less efficient)

3. Phalanx capacity is subject to usable area

4. When the roof needs renovation, the Phalanx also needs to be removed (the roof is in good condition at the start, so this will happen after 15)

5. The phalanx may not be easy to approach, in which case it is impossible to clear the ice on the square.

6. Penetrating the roof (requiring holes in the roof to fix the Phalanx) may cause leakage of the roof.

Although there are drawbacks, in many cases, the roof may be the only option to install solar panels, and many home photovoltaic systems are chosen for the roof, which is the best example.

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