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How to distinguish the quality of solar panels
Dec 08, 2017

1. Look at the color, usually monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon panels from the color is blue, and is more uniform blue or blue, if the color of the battery plate dark, color, then show that his workmanship is not fine.

2. Look at the surface of the tempered glass of the battery board, it is smooth and nothing, the surface of the tempered glass without dirt.

3. Look at the border is not aluminum alloy frame, now a lot of small manufacturers use artificial box, such boxes because of the large box, so close degree of contact is also different, resulting in deformation and not firm.

4. See if each cell on the battery board is intact, it is whole, not fragment splicing.

5. See if the welding is solid, whether the leakage welding, and check whether the battery arrangement rules.

6. See if the junction box is solid, the lid is not securely fastened, there is no close to the junction box.

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