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Important causes of the stability of PV stent
Dec 08, 2017

The stability of PV bracket important table will not be due to the impact of the emergence of damage, the following said a few points will affect the stability of PV stent several aspects:

1. The foundation of the photovoltaic bracket, the original large-scale photovoltaic system of the plan support are required to stop the assessment of the premise, the application of concrete leveling plan of the air.

2. PV stent, Photovoltaic stent plan need to be based on the planned load to concrete calculation of the PV stent can be sustained by all kinds of pressure to be common, need steel for steel, aluminum material required.

3. Installation status of the site damage: Most of the roof may be the rest of the construction of the original stability of some damage to the stability of the original situation has an impact on the installation of the photovoltaic stent after the stability of the function also needs to be evaluated, the time required to stop filling the plan.

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