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PV Bracket Equipment Features
Dec 08, 2017

At present, solar aluminum PV stent has these characteristics:

1. In the structure, because of the use of a larger transmission ratio and large torque of the multi-axis swing deceleration mechanism as the tracking transmission mechanism, so directly to the transmission of photovoltaic grid; Advantages: safe, reliable, lightweight and reasonable structure.

2. In the technical characteristics of the equipment due to the use of tracking machine system and photoelectric control system of the mutual cooperation, you can allow the photovoltaic plate array automatic level 360 degrees rotation and tilt 180 degrees of rotation.

3. The equipment can work as usual in the level 10 wind in the strength characteristic.

4. In the energy-saving characteristics of the device driving power is less than 0.005, but also can save land occupation.

5. In the performance of the characteristics of solar aluminum photovoltaic stent can improve the efficiency of more than 50%, but also reduce the cost of electricity generation 40%, greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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