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Solar energy information: new buildings under 30 storey in Heze mandatory solar energy installation
Apr 21, 2018

Yesterday, all media reporters from the peony evening news learned from the municipal housing bureau that since the Heze city required the installation of solar thermal integration system under 30 floors of new buildings in 2014, the new building area installed in the city has exceeded 5 million 690 thousand square meters.

Relevant data show that Heze has abundant renewable energy resources, and the thermal and thermal resources are the top of Shandong. The domestic solar water heater can be used for about 10 months each year. The buildings of solar water heater can save 9 - 15 kilograms per square meter per square meter each year and save 8-12 yuan. According to national policy, solar energy and solar thermal integration system must be installed in residential buildings below 12 floors.

Since 2012, Heze has been actively promoting the building application of renewable energy since it was selected as the "renewable energy building application demonstration city". According to the national policy and the local reality, the city of Heze requires the construction of 30 and the following residential buildings and the public buildings to supply hot water in the urban planning area of the county and above, and the solar thermal system must be applied and integrated with the building. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.


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