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Solar PV Hook installation program
Dec 08, 2017

1. Solar photovoltaic linkage should be FCL, according to the volume provide to the device bit near the provide works to prevent mechanical impact, violent fluctuations.

2. Device based on the progress of the installation of the box, the Open box can not be installed in a timely manner, the use of solar photovoltaic hook bottom to the bottom of the components will be stacked horizontally, but the need to straighten out the assembly lead, to avoid pressure-wound lead insulation, and do a good job to prevent upper

3. The component device is transferred to the two people by the time of the transfer, prohibiting the transfer of arrival and carrying plate surface.

4. The installation of Gordon or simple scaffolding in the solar photovoltaic linkage device is required to facilitate the installation and fastening of components, and to prohibit personnel from relying on the device. The pressure assembly and so on may form the component to be cracked behavior.

5. Solar photovoltaic linkage transfer and installation process to protect the solar photovoltaic hook panel and back plate to avoid scratching.

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