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Solar Tracking System working state
Dec 08, 2017

The solar tracking system has four working states:

1. The normal (good weather conditions) under the tracking status of the day;

2. Intermittent tracking. If there is a period of cloudy or cloudy or inclement weather during the day, the system will be screened as unsuitable for tracking and the entire system is in a suspended state. When the light and tracking conditions are appropriate, the system will have a fast tracking instructions, so that the tracker is roughly aimed at the sun, then the program will carry out another set of signal acquisition processing, complete fine tracking;

3. Auto-return. After sunset, the system will automatically go into hibernation, and automatically return to the sun's rising position, the next day automatically into a new round of operation.

4. The protection of inclement weather conditions: When the environment wind speed or precipitation and other factors unsuitable for the system work, the tracking instrument will automatically stop working, and the whole large system of the smooth surface and ground plane into a parallel state or vertical state, in order to avoid damage to the system.

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