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The prospect of solar and photovoltaic power generation market
Jan 21, 2018

With the gradual depletion of traditional fossil energy sources such as coal and petroleum and the worsening of environmental problems, the world has put daylight into renewable energy, and it is expected to realize sustainable and healthy development of economy by exploiting and utilizing renewable energies and substituting the current mode of development and utilization. In many renewable energy, too can be its unique advantages to become the focus of attention.

Solar energy to reach the Earth every second of the 1.7x10-14kw, if the arrival of 0.1% of the Earth's surface solar energy conversion rate by 5%, the annual output can reach 7.4 X 10-13 kWh, equivalent to the current world energy consumption 40 times times. Solar energy resources inexhaustible, is the human can be free to use the important energy, and reduce carbon dioxide and other harmful substances emissions of renewable energy, therefore, its development and utilization by the universal attention.

The use of solar energy is mainly used in light heat, photochemical conversion and PV power generation in three forms. Low cost of light and heat utilization, convenient installation, high efficiency, at present, mainly on-site use, such as solar water heaters, solar stoves and so on, photochemical transformation in the nature of photosynthesis in the form of universal existence, but the relevant technology development is not yet mature; PV power conversion of solar energy directly into electricity, solar radiation requirements are lower, Suitable for centralized and distributed layout, easy to popularize in large area. As the raw material of the solar cell--silicon reserves is rich, the conversion efficiency of the solar cell is increasing and the production cost is decreasing, the solar photovoltaic power generation will occupy an important position in the future development of the energy, environment and human society.

Compared with conventional firepower, hydro and diesel power generation, photovoltaic power generation has many advantages, such as safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, energy everywhere, free from regional restrictions, no consumption of fuel, no mechanical rotating parts, low failure rate, easy maintenance, can be unattended, the establishment of a short cycle, the size of unlimited, Convenient to combine with buildings. Therefore, photovoltaic power generation is very attractive from the angle of energy environment, remote areas and the needs of special application fields.

As of the end of 2013, PV power generation in the total installed capacity of the share is not large, with the distribution of photovoltaic power generation system to improve the efficiency and the cost of continuous reduction, in the full area of light, distributed photovoltaic power generation will be more and more people's favor. According to the International Energy Association, PV Power Generation will have a more stable and significant growth rate after 2030 years. In recent years, more and more countries began to implement the "Sunshine Plan", the development of solar energy resources, such as the United States "photovoltaic Building Plan", Europe's "million Roof Photovoltaic program", Japan's "Asahi Plan" and China has launched the "Golden Sun Project" and so on. The European Union plans to reach about 200GW of PV capacity by 2030, when photovoltaic power generation will reach 1OOOGW worldwide. According to the National Energy Bureau "Twelve-Five" plan, by the end of 2015, China's solar power generation capacity will reach more than 21 million kw, the annual output will reach 2.5 billion kwh; by 2020, the total installed capacity of solar power will reach 50 million kw, Then China's solar power generation industry will reach the international advanced level. It is expected that by 2030, photovoltaic power generation will be widely available in rural developing countries around the world, with a positive impact on the lives of the population at large.

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