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Application Of Ground Screw In Ground Photovoltaic Power Station
Feb 09, 2018


Advantages of ground screw:

According to the disadvantages of the traditional reinforced concrete cast-in-place pile foundation, such as earthwork to be excavated, environmental damage, long construction period, high requirements of site conditions and difficult removal, the conventional screw pile has the following advantages:

(1) Construction speed and economy are good. Ground screw generally use special machinery construction (see below), a ground screw can be completed within minutes, pile foundation can be used immediately after construction, there is no concrete construction, conservation problems, saving a single basic staff salaries. And the construction equipment has a strong mobility, access to the field faster and cheaper, and can reach any difficult terrain or in a narrow space construction.

(2) quality control. Ground screw all in the factory production, to avoid the emergence of reinforced concrete bored pile construction due to different technical level of construction personnel caused by uneven quality of the underlying process.

(3) environment-friendly, good recovery. Ground screw construction without earthwork development, direct screwing, but also basically no vibration and noise, the lowest ecological damage. The steel piles can be pulled back in reverse after use, leaving no underground obstacles and the site recoverable.

(4) Install the PV module bracket can be adjusted. At present, ground-based power plants are basically mountainous photovoltaic with mostly uneven terrain. In order to ensure the best dip angle of photovoltaic modules, it is required to be easy to install and adjustability. Because the spiral steel piles are directly connected with the bracket, the adjustability is relatively low The foundation of the embedded bolt is larger, which reduces the difficulty of installing the photovoltaic bracket.