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CY Solar The World's Largest Surface Photovoltaic Power Station Will Be Completed In June
May 19, 2018

CY Solar The world's largest surface floating photovoltaic power station, the Three Gorges New Energy Anhui 150 MW surface floating photovoltaic project, was officially connected to the grid on December 10, 2017. The project will be completed in June this year.

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The project is located in Panji District, Huainan City, Anhui Province. The China Three Gorges Group uses the coal mining subsidence area to build idle water surface. The total investment is nearly 1 billion yuan, and the total installed capacity of the project is about 150 megawatts. After the completion of the entire project, the annual power generation is about 150 million kWh of clean electricity. In terms of power generation efficiency, it is equivalent to supporting the country's GDP of 1.764 billion yuan. The annual turnover is about 120 million yuan, and the annual tax payment is about 25 million yuan or more.
Lidawei, general manager of Three Gorges New Energy Huainan Company, told reporters that the project is aiming to be completed by the end of June this year. "The later plan is to explore some new models for fishing and light complementarity, use idle waters for fish farming, and improve the water quality through fish farming. "

It is understood that the water area of the project is large, with the innate conditions of large areas of net box fish farming, domestic net box fish farming technology is mature, comprehensive utilization of collapsed lakes, efficient use of idle water surface, exploration of a new industrial model.
On the other hand, this area of water has been laid out on a large scale. Cleaning the panels is also a big job. The company will work with the local government and combine local poverty alleviation work to hire local labor to clean the panels. Provide sustainable and stable jobs and benefits to local farmers. Through the construction of projects, local economic development will be promoted, local economic transformation will be promoted, local socio-economic development will be promoted in all directions, a harmonious social atmosphere will be created, and local air quality will be improved.

Mr Lidawei said the company would also work with the university to set up an observatory to monitor water quality. After the completion of the coverage of the electric plate, whether or not it has any impact on water quality will be examined. The design of the data monitoring platform will be carried out, sensors and environmental monitoring equipment will be installed, a water ecological environment evaluation indicator system will be established, and relevant data will be collected. After testing, the water area category in the area is Grade III, which is suitable for secondary protected areas for concentrated drinking water sources, general fish protected areas and swimming areas.
It is also understood that the Three Gorges New Energy Company has also given corresponding subsidies to the local people who occupy the land, including a one-time barrier clearance fee of 2,000 yuan per Mu, a rent of 500 yuan per year, and will float in the future. Huainan Mining Group gives the local people an annual fee of 1,800 yuan for young seedlings.