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How To Choose Rooftop PV Hooks?
Dec 08, 2017

On-site survey to understand the structure of the roof, the most important thing is to know the place of the tile concave down to the height of the concrete cast-in-place layer, this is the main point for the selection of rooftop PV hook.

In order to deal with various roofing, we should choose suitable roof photovoltaic hooks to meet the need of roof PV bracket installation.

Look at the main girder and purlin (secondary beam) from the inside of the room, the rafters, to understand these spacing, size, material, and thus decide which kind of roof photovoltaic bracket to take the fixed way.

Select the corresponding roof photovoltaic hooks, after the fixed good use waterproof coating to make waterproof, and then cover the original tiles, and then curved hook through the tiles to fix the installation of the guide rail, you can install the roof photovoltaic hook.