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How To Judge The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distributed Photovoltaic System By Simple And Intuitive Method
Apr 05, 2018

A good distributed system is a system with high generating capacity and stable operation. Good PV systems are built on quality products, and professionals cannot judge the quality of products by their appearance, which is even more difficult for photovoltaic enthusiasts and users who lack expertise. How to use the simplest and most intuitive way to judge a system's pros and cons?

1: Walking Line

To install a distributed photovoltaic system, you need to connect cables. Quality construction, the line must be neat. Regular, in addition, cable will be installed outside the groove, both beautiful, but also to protect the cable. Line is a test of the construction of a standard, but not rigid indicators, the line will not affect the power generation, but, but can test the strength of the construction side. A quality construction team must pay attention to every detail.

2: Occlusion

The components of a photovoltaic array are linked in tandem, blocking affects the entire array of generating capacity. For example, if a PV array is a 6-block component, the generating capacity of the 6-piece component will be affected if part of the component is shaded by occlusion. In addition, occlusion will cause hot spots in the components, resulting in damage to the components.

3: Assembly Angle of installation

The installation angle of a component is a very complex problem, and it is not possible to determine whether the inclination of the component is the best inclination by the naked eye. However, if the system's component tilt is too large, then be careful, the system wind resistance is worrying. The inclination and latitude of the Assembly are related, in North China as an example, the inclination of the component is generally about 30 degrees.

4: Does the product have the quality assurance and the conformity certificate

Qualified products are the prerequisite to ensure system power generation. Regular manufacturers of products, products have factory certification and quality assurance documents. In addition, whether the component has serial number, inverter whether there is a nameplate is also testing whether the product from the formal manufacturer of a message.