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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Solar PV Bracket Effectively?
Feb 21, 2018

The common ground PV system used in ground PV support system usually adopts concrete strip (block) Foundation form. Solar PV Bracket Design solutions face the challenge of any type of solar PV bracket design for assembly components, the most important feature of which is weatherability. The structure must be robust and reliable, capable of withstanding atmospheric erosion, and other external effects of wind load. Safe and reliable installation, to the minimum installation costs to achieve maximum use results, almost maintenance-free, reliable maintenance, these are the choice of options to consider the important factors. The solution uses high abrasion resistant materials to withstand wind-induced snow loads and other corrosive effects. Comprehensive utilization of aluminum alloy anode oxidation, ultra thick hot Dip galvanizing, stainless steel, UV resistance and other technical processes to ensure solar support and solar energy tracking service life.

At present, the basic form of PV bracket is commonly used at home and abroad, one is cement base type, one is spiral pile type. The cement base type PV bracket usually adopts the independent foundation or the Strip Foundation, the production way uses the prefabrication or the Cast-in-place two kinds of ways, its outstanding advantage is the steel quantity is low, basically is not subject to the geologic condition restriction, the PV bracket anticorrosion performance is outstanding, the safety hidden danger is small.