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How To Replace The Iron Core Grounding Piece Effectively
Dec 08, 2017

1. The transformer iron core on the two fastening screw and iron core yoke up and down fastening steel tension belt loosen.

2. Use iron flat shovel (or woodworking to cut the blade), the original iron chip grounding piece plug part of the iron core paint to eradicate 1cmx10cm.

3. Use a flat shovel to remove the iron core paint part from the top to pry open a seam, deep about 5cm, eradicate paint slag.

4. Will produce good copper belt, width about 3cm~4cm, stab into the iron core gap, pay attention to the depth of more than 4cm.

5. The iron core yoke fastening screw, steel pull belt to tighten, pay attention to the steel belt and iron core insulation.

6. Paint the top of the iron core, after the dry paint to measure iron core and ground insulation resistance should be greater than 50mω.

7. Connect the iron core grounding piece with the clamping piece and finish.