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Installation Of Solar Photovoltaic Bracket Base
Dec 08, 2017

Installation of solar photovoltaic bracket base, the more common and commonly used installations are mainly two kinds, one is the concrete foundation of the photovoltaic bracket, the other is the ground pile foundation of the photovoltaic bracket, at present, in some large-scale photovoltaic power stations in China is more than the concrete foundation of the photovoltaic stent, the reason for this installation, Or because of the cost.

When installing the PV bracket base, to consider a variety of factors, including the requirements of wind-resistant bracket, bracket matrix and the distance between the bracket matrix, to ensure that the wind resistance, the stent is used in combination with aluminum alloy and steel structure, so as to ensure the stability of the solar stent, It also ensures a good surface for the stent.

In the completion of the correct installation of the base of the PV bracket, the operation of the subsequent sequence can be further carried out, so that the photovoltaic system can operate normally and complete the full utilization of solar energy.