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Precautions For Installation Of PV Bracket
Dec 08, 2017

The installation structure of the PV array bracket should be simple and durable. Materials for the installation of photovoltaic arrays should be able to withstand rain erosion and various corrosion. Electroplating aluminum profiles, electroplating steel and stainless steel are ideal choice. The quality requirements for the welding of the bracket should conform to the requirements of the national standard of "Steel structure engineering construction Quality Acceptance Code" (GB 50205-2001). The array bracket is designed to reduce weight as much as possible to facilitate transportation and installation.

When installing a photovoltaic array on the roof, to make the base embedded parts and the roof main structure of the steel bar firmly welded or connected, if the structural constraints can not be welded or connected, should take measures to increase the base and roof adhesion, and the use of wire tension or stent extension fixed method, etc. to be fixed. After the completion of the base, to the roof damage or involved in accordance with the national standard "roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance Code" (GB 50207-2002) of the requirements of waterproof treatment, to prevent water seepage, leakage of rain phenomenon occurred.