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PV Sheds Maybe You Need
Dec 08, 2017

Photovoltaic sheds, a combination of photovoltaic and construction of the most convenient way, in recent years, more and more favored, photovoltaic sheds endothermic good, easy to install, low-cost, not only to make full use of the original site, but also to provide green environmental protection energy. In the factory park, business district, hospitals, schools and other construction of photovoltaic sheds, can solve the open-air parking lot in summer car temperature problems.

Photovoltaic sheds can be used as a distributed photovoltaic project (or as a part of it) to participate in spontaneous use, the rest of the internet, can also be combined with the charging pile, new energy electric vehicles, through the photovoltaic components generated by the charging device stored in the battery or directly to the electric vehicle charging, Because of the instability of solar energy resources and the high cost of battery, it is necessary to cooperate with the grid to ensure normal operation.