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Small Flat PV Bracket Mounting Components By Those?
Mar 28, 2018

Generally, the installation of small plane PV bracket is divided into three main components, namely triangular beam bracket, crossbeam bracket and vertical bracket, whose main aim is to make a certain angle with the irradiation surface. The other parts of the installation also include weight-bearing components, diagonal braces, pull rods, pressure blocks, hinges, bolts, connectors and so on.

① triangular beam bracket includes longitudinal and transverse (back beam, oblique beam, low beam) general material selection of flat steel.

② Beam bracket generally play a compressive effect, the general use of aluminum alloy C steel According to the use of the occasion to choose the aperture.

③ vertical bracket can generally be a triangular beam of the back beam can also be designed.

④ other connecting structures are mainly helped to fix the support bracket. During the installation process, the triangular beam bracket is fixed with the connecting link and fixed with the other beams vertically, but the following points are worth noting. The connection between the crossbeam and the support frame is required to add a stop assembly. If necessary, you can use the rod connection in the Crossbeam, depending on the size of the span to determine whether to install the lever and diagonal braces. When the beam is too long, it needs to be fixed with a connecting piece and a bolt connection.