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The Adjustment Scheme Of The Tilt Angle Of The Photovoltaic Fixed Adjustable Bracket.
Mar 21, 2018

Technology:the adjustment scheme of the tilt Angle of the photovoltaic fixed adjustable bracket.

Angle of the sun in the day because of the same place is constantly changing, so the photovoltaic array in different time to receive the largest solar radiation Angle is also changing, photovoltaic array for grid pv system fixed Angle usually choose the year can receive radiation is one of the largest Angle, adjustable is fixed on the basis of stationary, season or in different months to adjust the Angle to improve the capacity.In a certain area of qinghai for example, table 1 lists the 0 ° ~ 50 ° months tilted surface radiation (kWh/m2), when the Angle of 37 ° inclined surface maximum total radiation throughout the year.



Look at the best Angle, every month of June the smallest, level of photovoltaic panels when receiving radiation, the largest area north of the tropic of cancer, this is because the summer solstice at noon the sun altitude Angle reaches the maximum value of the year (large heating area is small, the solar altitude angles solar-thermal focus, get more solar radiation, the greater the Angle of the sun, receiving radiation per unit area).


The sun is high at noon on the summer solstice.

On June 22 for the central Angle of the sun at noon with time to gradually reduce, photovoltaic panels best Angle increases gradually, from October to march the following year in more than 40 °, which in November to February more than 50 °.Table 2 shows the optimum tilt Angle of pv panels in the region.


If chooses the plan of adjusting 2 times a year, every year in October to march the following year as an Angle, the Angle under the condition of without considering the land factor, can be in the photovoltaic power station project land control indicators as far as possible within the scope of the choice.Every year in April and August for a point of view, also in the region, for example, the best Angle of 9 °.If you don't want to additional land, also can choose using 37 ° from September to march of next year, from April to September 9 °.At this time, the total amount of radiation in the whole year is 2310kWh/m2, which is about 3.6 percent higher than the unadjusted amount.

However, the fixed adjustable can slightly increase the cost of the support and the labor cost, how to optimize the optimal power generation efficiency, and analyze the final project benefit.