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The Role Of Flat Roof Aluminum Alloy Solar Racking In Solar Energy Industry
Jan 21, 2018

At present, with the rapid development of solar energy industry, its updated speed can be described by dizzying; in the solar industry innovation and development of the original stent has been eliminated by the market, and now the new flat roof aluminum alloy PV stent has become the industry's new "darling" , then flat roof aluminum alloy PV stent in the solar industry in the end what role? Please take the following knowledge seriously.

Role one: Flat roof aluminum alloy PV Stent application in the solar industry, will be able to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of solar cells, to maintain the technical level has been in the industry leading position.

Role two: To maximize the savings of installation time and cost, the equipment raw materials can be recycled and sustainable use.

Another flat roof aluminum alloy PV Bracket installation angle can be divided into: five degrees, 10 degrees, 15 degrees and 20 degrees, the equipment under the snow pressure for the 1.4kn/m, the wind speed is 42m/s, the equipment can be horizontal and vertical assembly arrangement, equipment, aluminum alloy material solid degree good, have a great corrosion resistance.