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What Are The Effects Of Photovoltaic Stent Briquetting?
May 09, 2018

Regarding the setting of photovoltaic products, the stable support structure is the greatest demand, and the widespread use of photovoltaic stents has become an indispensable item in photovoltaic products. However, photovoltaic stents themselves need to be supported by fittings in order to obtain stable performance. The side pressure block is an important auxiliary accessory.

Photovoltaic stent fittings scientific name "crystal silicon panel pressure block", it is divided into medium pressure block and edge pressure block. In the solar photovoltaic power generation system, the crystal silicon plate press blocks are used to install and fix the solar cells. The specifications of the photovoltaic support press blocks depend on the size of the crystalline silicon solar cells. Photovoltaic stent pressure block and special photovoltaic bolts are fixedly connected to the battery board is firmly installed on the top of the photovoltaic stent, particularly strong wind resistance.

The role played by the photovoltaic bracket fittings in the whole photovoltaic power generation system is as follows:

First, it acts as a fixed component bracket to prevent the bracket from being displaced and ensure the smooth installation of the components.

Secondly, according to the design scheme and load data, reasonable use of the briquetting can meet the requirements of wind resistance, tensile strength and deformation;

Thirdly, the compact is more flexible than the way of directly fixing the bolts. Once it needs to be removed or displaced, the compact can be called quick and convenient construction.

Fourth, after the specifications of the briquettes are determined, it is easy to meet the design requirements during construction, and it is not easy to cause fluctuations in construction quality due to human factors.