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What Aspects Of The PV Bracket Customers Need To Focus On?
Feb 23, 2018

PV stent as a new industry, facing more and more customer demand, while some customers lack of PV stent installation, design, calculation and other aspects of knowledge. Have to rely on the professional team of manufacturers. Therefore, PV stent manufacturers and services for team building concerns. Industry will always be professional to know more, PV stent manufacturers face customer demand is customer understanding of their products will be the detailed parameters of the product is actually a kind of trust and customer behavior, right for the photovoltaic select non-professional users to consider the focus is not necessary to fully focus on the parameters.

Should be judged from the side, to choose. For example, the following aspects set up the structure, tracking movement parts, components of the material, assembly processing technology, quality assurance time, effective use of time. For PV stent in the network product description is always habitual including parameters, installed capacity, control mode, tracking (precision, elevation, azimuth), safe operation capability, drive (type, electric power), protection capability, working environment, area, finishing weight. Not to say that the parameters are not important, but that in the case of the failure to understand a lot of parameters should focus on the side of the details of the situation, the preliminary understanding of the parameters after the comparison. The same parameters of different fabrics and processing will vary a lot. This is why the brand products, although compared to the performance of the parameter is not high but still expensive one of the reasons. From the point of view of the non-professional user to choose PV Stent mainly in the material and other practical areas. For parameters, it can be said that as long as the need to meet the requirements, the general manufacturers will be given to meet or explain.