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What Is The Difference Between Assembled Aluminum-alloy Solar Racking And Welding Type
Jan 21, 2018

For PV stent from the device to connect the method can be simply divided into two kinds, one is assembled aluminum alloy PV stent, and one is welded PV stent; many times the majority of users of the two kinds of stent to understand the difference is not deep, for the relevant experts to introduce for you.

1. Assembled aluminum-alloy PV bracket. In order to make up for the defects of welding brackets in the market, the PV bracket in the equipment design, because of the use of groove-shaped aluminum alloy steel as the primary support for the layout of the product bracket composition; The most advantage of the equipment is assembly and disassembly speed, no need for welding, but also better durability and construction speed and so on.

2, welding-type PV bracket. This kind of scaffold material uses angle steel more, channel steel and square steel, because of the low demand for production technology, the price is often relatively cheap; the stent, because of good cohesion, can become a commonly used stent in the market, and the equipment is also the shortcomings of the need for welding, so that the equipment in the field of construction when welding slow, Construction speed is not suitable for use in civil buildings.