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What Material Is Used For Photovoltaic Stent? What Is The Characteristic?
May 09, 2018

What material is used for photovoltaic stent? The materials used to manufacture photovoltaic support equipment are different from other equipment products in that it can effectively prevent the equipment from being corroded. Therefore, three kinds of concrete materials, steel materials and aluminum alloy materials are commonly used in the manufacture of such equipment. The characteristics of these materials are as follows:

1. For the concrete material used in the manufacture of photovoltaic supports, it is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic equipment. This material has many major features, and it can only be installed in the wild and it also needs to be installed in areas with better basic conditions. Equipment materials not only have high stability, but also can support large-sized panels.

2. For the steel material used in photovoltaic stent manufacturing, it is now widely used in industrial solar and photovoltaic power plants. The equipment has good stability, mature manufacturing technology, high bearing capacity and easy installation; secondly, this The materials are often more uniform in specifications and stable in performance, especially in terms of appearance and corrosion resistance.

3, for the aluminum alloy material used in the manufacture of photovoltaic stents, commonly used in civil building roof solar energy, the material has good corrosion resistance, quality is often lighter, but also a good appearance.

Photovoltaic stent material used? It can be seen from the above characteristics that in order to obtain the maximum power output of the entire photovoltaic power generation system, combined with the geography, climate, and solar energy resources of the construction site, the solar energy components are fixed in a certain orientation, arrangement, and spacing. The supporting structure is usually a steel structure. And aluminum alloy structure, or both.