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With Subsidies Cut And Markets Narrowed, Can Chinese Manufacturers Build A Foothold In Japan?
Mar 31, 2018

blob.png                    According to EnergyTrend, Japan will launch the FiT policy for the new year on April 1, 2018, with large, unbid power generation systems further reduced to JPY 18/kWh, which is already lower than specific electricity pricing schemes for some regional power grids. FiT for residential PV will also fall to JPY24/kW in 2019(JPY26/kW for systems that set up the PCS), at a lower price than for some household electricity.

On the other hand, as Japan's photovoltaic power plant grows in years of development and capacity, its exploitable land resources are shrinking year by year, and the Japanese photovoltaic market is beginning to shrink from the previous 10gw to 6-7gw, which is not an optimistic thing for Chinese equipment manufacturers going to Japan to expand the market, meaning that the market cake is shrinking and competition is increasing. So how to meet the challenge?