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Pv Mounting Structures

Pv Mounting Structures


Pv mounting structures of single post
CY-ZJ15 is a single post pv mounting structures and can also be connected with foundations of cement foundation, driven pile and spiral pile. Forty percent of the parts(Vertical rails, cross rails1 and cross rails2 ) are preinstalled at our factory before packing.
The site work of pv mounting structures will be
1)Done the foundation work;
2)Connect piles to foundations(This step can be removed if it is the foundation driven pile);
3)Open the folded structures(Pre-assembled components);
4)Connect folded structures to piles;
5)Install rails;
6)Fix modules by middle and end clamps. Also 5-6 steps at site without drilling, welding and on-site fabrication. The middle and end clamps are adjustable which can suit all types of framed modules. For thin film modules, we also have customized clamps.



Folded StructureMiddle Clamp
End ClampRail Connector
RailRammed Post




Sample Picture:


Transportation service:
CY Solar provides all trade terms, FOB, CIF, DAP and even DDP to simplify customers'work.

After-sales service:
CY Solar promises quick feedback in 24 hours after getting email. And installation manual provided, and even engineers go to site conduction if possible.


1. If the land of the project location is uneven, how to
The design of pv mounting structures can withstand land slop of less than 3 degrees. If it is more than 3 degrees, there will be a adjustable connector.

2. If the location of project is in high wind speed wind region, can the pv mounting structures bear?
For all of the projects, we'd like to know the wind and snow load of project site for structural calculation. Before the design begins, our engineers will calculate and use the relevant material to meet the project site conditions.

Applicable soil type

Any types


Hot dip galvanized steel Q235, Aluminum 6063-T5

Arrangement of module

Vertical or Horizontal

Connecting component

SS 304 bolt

Design standard

JISC8955, ANSI / AISC 360-05, EUROCODE 3

Wind load


Snow load





10 years

Service life

20 years

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