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Solar Roof Mount


Solar roof mount
Solar roof mount H1-5 is a 90°Spanish roof hook for side mount rail. As an adjustable tile roof hook, it is not only adjustable on its height, but also adjustable on its direction. There are two rows of holes for the lag screw, the hole diameter is 9mm, accept the 3/8"or 5/16"screw.


Tile hookTile hook & Flashing plate


2(001).jpg    3(001).jpg
4(001).jpg  5(001).jpg

Install the tile hookInstall the flashing plate
Cover with tile

Transportation service: 

CY Solar provides all trade terms, FOB, CIF, DAP and even DDP to simplify customers'work.

After-sales service:

CY Solar promises quick feedback in 24 hours after getting email. And installation manual provided, and even engineers go to site conduction if possible.


1.Q: What is the thickness of the hooks

A: The standard thickness of Flat tile hook is 5mm. The standard thickness of the Spanish tile hook is 6mm of the arm and 5mm of the base plate. 

2.Q: Do you have any warehouse in USA? 

A: We do not have a warehouse in USA now, but we have distributor there.


Tile roof


Stainless steel

Position of rails

Side mount rail

Connecting component

SS 304 bolt


10 years

Service life

20 years

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