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Why Choose Us

We, CY Solar is a manufacturer and trading combo, especialized in producing and exporting the solar racking systems/structures and solar panel frames to all over the world has more than 10 years. So we have become the most professional manufacturer in China, and we will guarantee you the 15-20 years warranty and 50 years service life. And we also have other advantages as below:

1 Geographical location: Close to Shanghai Port, with many shipping flights, high shipping efficiency, convenient for customers to visit our factory.

2 production plants: eliminating the need for middlemen, quality control,

3 Raw materials: localized procurement of raw materials, lower costs, shorten production cycle

4 Labor: Compared with developed countries, China has abundant labor resources and low labor costs.

5 Pre-installation: Some components are pre-installed in the factory which saves on-site installation costs and shortens your installation time.

6 Technology: We have a professional design team, each product has been optimized to make each bracket in accordance with the load intensity

In the case of the least materials, customized products can also be designed and produced according to customer requirements.